Too Orwellian

Rao Anwar – who’s known for 444 encounters – just had an interview on Geo.

Just like Ehsan Ullah Ehsan – APS mastermind – once had an interview. Now free. Or escaped. Whatever.

Manzoor Pashteen cannot be interviewed. Of course. Too constitutional. Too controversial.

Ali Wazir – lost 17 family members in terrorism – cannot be interviewed. Or even freed. Too parliamentary.

APS parents cannot be interviewed. Or given justice. Too risky for the business.

Families of missing people cannot be interviewed. Or heard. Too irrelevant.

This is such a sad state of the state. It’s nothing less than Orwellian.

Even His Highness cannot be interviewed. Too high. High?

Those who spoke against atrocities, are with atrocities today. Those who were with atrocities, are against atrocities today. Only roles are reversed. Because political roles are reversed. Government is opposition and opposition is government. Ride. Reverse ride.

Though the master is same. She’s the government. She’s the opposition.

You – public at large – know this. And that. But can’t fight with your own brain. Too complicated.

With where we were in 1958, or 69, or 71, or 77, or the 90s, or 99, or the 2000s, or today; we haven’t moved an inch. Sometimes, the only way to emancipation looks like disobedience. Revolutionary disobedience.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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