Happiness is Compulsory

Happy. To be happy is a compulsory subject. To be hopeful is compulsory too. To lose patience is optional with low scoring probability.

But to be happy is compulsory. Even if you are not happy. Even if you are suffering. Because suffering is life. Both happiness and suffering are comparative.

Everything is comparative. Health. Wealth. Pain. Gain.

On Instagram, everyone is happier than you. No. Just wait and let the system fall. Delete pictures. Delete. Delete. Delete.

In real life, everyone is more composed. No. Touch the wrong cords and you will hear sad songs. Sadder. Saddest. Like Marla. She had testicular cancer.

Make happiness compulsory even when you are unhappy. Walk around a hospital. Public hospital. Random corridors. People running cluelessly here and there to get the right directions finally to the vein of their loved one. Visit an ICU or CCU. Or a ward. Comparatively, you are very fine.

Dialysis patients have to get their dialysis done twice or thrice a week. Forever. Till death in most cases. Comparatively, your kidneys are very happy.

Or visit an orphanage. A mental hospital. Or a darbaar with tens of people lying around. Or a road with green belts and people sleeping on them and dreaming about cars and big homes.

Even dreams are comparative. I get bad ones. Always bad ones. Struggling so hard to run and chase and be on time and getting frustrated and tired.

Even life after death is comparative. Better than those. Layers. Hierarchy of heavens and hells. 70 times of this. 3 times of that.

Or you can switch off the television altogether.

Be happy. Even when you are unhappy. Comparatively, you are finer than others. Way finer than the majority. And you know that already.

Don’t be a Jack with breast cancer and Marla with testicular cancer when things are not that sequential.

Suffering is optional. Happiness is compulsory.

Author: SakiNama

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