First IV

First IV in life. The world is different from the other side. But not bad.

Prick. Wrong prick. Prick. Tapes. Fluids going inside making your life better with one drop at a time.

Old ones. Young ones. Very young ones. The very young ones make you angry. Question. Question the whole process of SOPs since evaluation until you realize oh! This is all random. Just randomly random messed up shit of the world.

Fused brain. Fractured leg. A pipe going inside from nose to stomach. A pipe coming out from bladder to genitals to the urine bag.

Oh! His Highness had a bad throat. Very bad. Kinda choking the pipes with a swollen tonsil. The problem with a bad throat is not the bad throat itself but the curls of smoke that still come out. Very sad.

Not bad.

Some patients just break your heart. So young and so messed up. Clueless trigger somewhere inside. Imagine a 16 year old with a bad brain. And then compare. No major problem till now. Not even now.

Empathy. Empathy with a needle is the road to awe. Be it on a hospital bed. Be it on a green belt. Empathy!

And those who prick. Those who prick must prick your heart too. Otherwise it hurts more.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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