4 steps to greatness:

Pre-requisite: Tasbih. It’s handy.

Step 1: Make a story that West is against you and America has purchased traitors to oust your government.

Step 2: Sell it. Market it. Advertise it daily. Tell people your life is in danger too.

Step 3: Use Constitution to breach Constitution and dissolve the government. Do what America was trying to do. Oust yourself. Conquer your fear.

Step 4: Back to Step 2. Sell and market yourself. Daily. Take fake phone calls. Quote Medina, Islam, Hussain, Rumi, and whoever you know. Keep speaking.


Idiots before Step 3: West is trying to oust the government of Pakistan.

Idiots after Step 3: Khan has ousted the government himself. One ball, three wickets.



Government: America tried to change the government of Pakistan.

Russia: Yes.

America: No.

China: What?

Sheikh Rasheed: What?

ISI: What is happening?

Mian Channu: Nothing. Keep recording tapes. Who with who for how long…

Gill: Randi!

Deputy Speaker: Article 5. All rise! All sit! Leave!

Opposition: Let’s play. Ayaz! Sit and make me the PM.

PM: A country, America, Oh! Haha! WTF! Not America! Yes, America!

Aurat March: Is he insane?

Shireen: See! Foreign powers are after me?

Idiots: [cheering with dance moves]

PM: You topple me? I topple myself.

Idiots: Check-mate! Kaptaan!

UK: What mate?

Fawad: Foreign powers. Foreign powers. Foreign powers.

America: You just did what we were supposed to do?

Qureshi: Raymond Davis!

[a creak among the woods of Margalla… hogs with wigs rising from slumber… and big bellies… Suo Moto]

Judge: You don’t wake us up on a lazy Sunday after a sneezy Saturday, where we match bellies and wigs with all the vulgarities of the capital. We need time…

Gill: Dallay!

Judge: What?

Gill: Oh! Allow me to explain linguistics at my home your honor!

Epilogue of Naya (Beta Version 2)

I promised you new homes. 5 lac. 5 million. So, here I bring you my finest offer – ex-Chief Justice Gulzar of Pakistan – who took homes by cranes and the residents by trousers.

Gee Gulzar sb! Aik ghazal?

Welcome to Youthopia.
This is your home.
I know geography.

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