Won’t Let That Pass

Still. Victim blaming. Not someone ordinary, but the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

You know how much we have progressed in the last two decades? Let me elaborate.

4 regimes back, the President (direct military dictator) said that women get raped in Pakistan to settle abroad. He’s settled abroad though. No pun.

4 regimes later, the Prime Minister (indirect military stooge) says that men get tempted because of women and their clothes.

So, here we are. Sick. Frustrated. Desperate. Absolutely unconscious.

Look at the recent events. A boy was was blackmailed and raped by a 70-year old molvi. Then there is another case of gang-rape of a delivery boy in Islamic University. No female is involved, yet it’s the clothes.

Maybe it’s the beards? Who knows?

Yes, we cannot generalize. Rape has no specific demographics. But madrassahs and their molvis are the hub of rapists. On one hand, they chant slogans in the streets regarding religion. On the other hand, they are the ugliest blasphemers who rape kids in sacred halls. In mosques. In homes. On prayer mats. Using the same hands with which they hold the Verses.

Yet, they roam free. A rare event takes them to the police station and then they are free again. To rape. Again and again. Without mercy and without any fear of the Hereafter which they sell to us all the time.

Sometimes, I feel like they know there is no Hereafter. There is only here. Them and their lifestyle and their filthy existence.

Do you know why and how rape happens?

It’s not what Imran Khan has said at all. Imran Khan is a misogynist and an apologist with zero sense on a lot of topics. I wish he should have let that question pass. Better to shut up then to vomit.

Rape happens when you have unquestioned and undue power. It happens in dictatorial environment.

It happens when a molvi knows he can keep the kid past evening. It happens when a teacher far off knows that he can beat the hell out of a kid and no one will complain. It happens when a man knows that he can rip a woman apart and no one will care. It happens when a man knows that he/she will bear it secretly. It happens when a man knows he/she has nowhere to go. It happens anywhere when the situation is not democratic but dictatorial.  In a democratic environment, rape will have lesser chances.

The ugliest cases of rape and child molestations have been found inside sacred halls. Be it any religion. Yogis and temples have their own stories. Monks have their own. Priests and churches have their own. Molvis and Madrassahs have their own. All examples where one man (or men) have absolute power over others.

I am not targeting religion. But the religiosity is too weak to be defended at times. And when the spokespersons of the religion are men like Mufti Aziz and Imran Khan; you are in deep hell. The guts they have are dangerous.

He had a girlfriend. He had a daughter from said girlfriend. The girlfriend went to court to prove his fatherhood. The fatherhood was proved, but the father eloped. Today, that father, tells the whole nation that a man is tempted by a woman’s dressing.

Someday, he will say that men are tempted by kids. As young as newborn. And animals. Cats. Hens. And women. Dead or alive. On bed or in grave. Men are tempted.

The other day, people were saying that I was defending prostitution. No, I wasn’t. But I do believe that prostitution is a buffer. It is because there is a demand in the market. It is what it is and it has been since ages. Perhaps the oldest profession in the world. You do whatever, this profession is going to stay beyond you. So, the developed nations have taken it as it is, and have made laws accordingly.

The countries where prostitution is legal, have lesser rape, sex trafficking and sex crimes.

The countries where drugs are legal, have lesser drug abuse, trafficking, and bootlegging.

Google this and read some research-based articles. But I know, we are too behind to even comprehend these things.

But who can shut our Prime Minister on this? This is not the way a PM should utter nonsense. This is not the way to talk about half of the population. This is no excuse to rape. Victim blaming should end. At least from the men in charge of the town.

We are yet to be born. We have yet to become conscious. We are still centuries behind in basic human development. Roaming around the lamp for centuries, like moths, and dying. Over and over.

Post Script Notes:
  1. I didn’t mention democracy and dictatorship at state level but in instant environment. Madrassahs and village schools have more of dictatorial environment. Particularly madrassas where molvis have so much power and authority over kids.
  2. Democratic country has nothing to do with it. I clearly stated that you cannot generalize and I also mentioned churches, temples, monasteries (by monks) categorically.
  3. I didn’t say rule of law can eliminate this problem. I mentioned rape has no demographics clearly. Plus, this is exactly the argument that capital punishments won’t resolve this issue (though I believe every convicted rapist must be hanged. Simple.).
  4. Lastly, child rape cases are exceptionally high in Pakistan. Sahil’s report averaged 8 child abuse cases per day last year. 
  5. You all have your ifs and buts. And that exactly is the problem. 

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