We Didn’t

The kids were taken brutally. One by one for hours. Till 144. Or 145. Or 146. We are not sure.

The blood was telecasted. On TV Channels. On social media. An alarming security situation was created.

A narrative was set: We are at war and we are at the losing end.

Constitution amended. Budget enhanced. War approved.

This is how the business of war works. With blood. With collateral damage.

If we had been conscious and righteous enough; we would have taken them by collars for the security lapse.

We didn’t.

Then we saw the mastermind – Ehsan Ullah Ehsan – escape. We should have taken them by collars again.

We didn’t.

Then we saw the commission report of the APS incident. A slap on the face of all the parents around. We should have taken them by collars.

We didn’t.

Maybe we are deadbeat now. We see kids get raped daily. We see their faces. We see their mutilated dead bodies. And we have become numb. A little hue and cry after some time and that’s it. We are done.

So, here we are. Dead. Consciously, knowingly, deliberately, physically, and spiritually.

May heaven fall on us. And bury our stinking coffins.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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