Useless Deterrence

You have nuclear bombs. But no electricity. And water scarcity. And 25 million out-of-school kids. And health in crises of its own.

I Deviated. Let me come again:

You have nuclear bombs. Which means, you have nuclear deterrence.

Still, you have new idiotic projects of new missiles every year. New strikes. New this and that. Useless. You have deterrence already. Why are you wasting funds in billions on useless gimmicks?

In short-term at least, you don’t need parades, new missiles, new jets, new weapons, and a lot of non-military stuff. But you do. You keep on enhancing. And all this doesn’t include the commercial MILBUS that the state has no power to interfere. Yet, the defense isn’t satisfied.  

You have nuclear bombs. You have the deterrence already. There is no threat of war. Halt further till the economy stands. But no. If. But. Nothing personal. Strictly business.

Last year, it was Rs.1,402 billion – excluding Rs.369 billion military pensions. This also doesn’t include anything that FWO earns from national projects or the MILBUS conglomerate of value up to $50 billion.

“What are you talking about lad!”

That we have nuclear bombs yet…

“This is not your domain.”

It is us, the civilians, who are…

“Stay idiot. Stay foolish.”

You are in no position to…

“Hit snooze!”

I decline.

“Now! That’s an order!”


“You are dis… miss… ing…”  

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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