Unjustifiably Justifiable

I don’t know why people are hating Vawda. He should be awarded Haram-e-Imtiaz for what he did. With just one single dumb act, he summarized the complete political history – and curse – of Pakistan.

Boot. On table. The place where pen and paper (or constitution) are supposed to be. But here – in the land of pure – we have boot. Everywhere.
On our heads.
On our bums.

The debate Vawda initiated was that PMLN is a boot licker. But before going further, he said PTI is a boot licker too and is proud of it. PPP guy tried to rank himself third in the category of boot-licking while Vawda was emphasizing the opposite. That was the whole debate.

You get the message?

It is that: Everyone is a boot-licker. The issue is only about ranking in boot-licking.

Thar’s it. Simply done.

He told everyone that every party and parliament and senate and laws and everything is under the boot.

But there is an issue. The act displayed a disgusting note. That being a boot-licker is filthy. It is what it is but it’s bad. It’s inevitable. It’s unjustifiably justifiable.

Don’t hate him. No one could have done it. Historians and writers have to write hundreds of pages to publish what he presented within 10 minutes.

Hail Vawda!

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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