Uncensored State

That wasn’t a joke that the state is a brothel. With new revelations, the whole state is running on asses with asses onboard.

Safe houses. A new term where ‘deals’ and ‘deeds’ are ‘done’. And recorded. With men in charge for men to discharge.

From PM house to CM houses to all the big guarded buildings to the boys hidden behind barriers and barracks – it’s a brothel. Like cloud computing. Not an actual cloud. Not actual computing either.

Biology. Sucks.

So, it wasn’t just Faris Shafi’s lyrics or Orya’s philosophy of life or Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s dramas or afterlife lecture of some Mullah – the entire state is running on dicks. With dicks. Around ducks.

Too bad. You cannot meet in a park and cannot even book a room without nikah nama.  But they can have all the facilities in the most sacred places of the state.

Bloody civilians. Too bad. You cannot even afford yourself in a brothel.

No wonder, everyone is pious here. Yet, everyone is a hypocrite. From snorting to escorting with beads in hand and a whole new sensational world in mind.

That’s why there is no debate that tires a mind further. Masturbation is fine. Mental masturbation isn’t.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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