Ugly Game of Chess

It’s an ugly game of chess. Pawns move forward and keep on dying. Some are replaced. Meanwhile, the King remains safe.

When one B was exposed in 2020 by the same Noor, the pawn in power – PTI – defended him and gave him a clean chit within days. No FIA. No trial. No Court. No dragging anywhere.

Now another B has been exposed by the same Noor, and the whole new cabinet of pawns – PDM – is defending him. The previous pawns are replaced with the new ones to defend the King.

The irony here is that the pawns were supposed to be behind the King and the King was supposed to defend the whole chessboard.

Defending the defenders of their wrongdoings and getting oneself clean in the later part is a sad fate of this nation. One pawn – who is not in power – blames and begs the King simultaneously.

The other pawn – currently in power – did the same thing until he got his dummy power of premiership again. Everyone wants to be a dummy pawn here because intellect is dead and there is no horse to make a strategic 2.5 move to halt the King and his key agency, the Queen.

It’s as ugly as our famous literature we proudly claim to have read. Like Shahab Nama. After spending all his life as a pawn to the King, he became pious when he had no post left to undo is wrongdoings. He blamed all others and awarded a piously clean chit to himself with a ghostly figure of 90. The book even sells today and makes a philosophical and intellectual impact on the reader. Sigh!

Misery all around. From opening a book to hiding books.

Hence, here we are. Struggling all our lives and paying installments to get a plot to sell it in the later half of our lives to make something out of it for the next generation. Meanwhile, the King and his Queen get plots worth of billions with offshore assets with pizza dough in their own pizza shops all over the world.

And once the game is over for the King with the claim that he gave all his life to defend the chessboard, he leaves the chessboard and settles in another chessboard because the one he defended all his life is not secure enough to live the rest of his life.

Irony. This game is ugly. Boring. Takes a lot of time. And it’s always about the bad moves and motives.

And the other bad move is His Highness intended to write the first four small paragraphs. An open wound bleeds profusely.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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