The Conversation – Appointing CPM

Nawaz: I want Dar to be the Caretaker PM.

Zardari: No. We had SS. Now it’s our turn.

Fazlu: Where’s my turn?

Zardari: You are not playing.

Asim: Decide and let me know. So I may reject.

Dar: Make me the CPM. I will stay neutral. I promise.

Zardari: Will you get the surgery done?

Dar: What for?

Nawaz: To become neutral. Like Bajwa. Don’t be an arse Dar.

Dar: I was serious.

Fazlu: So was I.

Asim: You boys are never serious.

Zardari: But you boys are always serious.

Asim: Don’t taunt.

Zardari: Just don’t make me focus on you boys else I can be a cunning…

Asim: Husband?

Zardari: Father.

Nawaz: Guys! Let us decide this. I am always for synergy. Let’s do it together.

Fazlu: So, am I in too now?

Asim: No.

Dar: And me.

Asim: [on intercom] Escort Dar.

PA: Escorts now?

Asim: Not those escorts bloody well! Take this Dar out of the room.

PA: Sir.

Nawaz: So, let’s final. What do you say Zardari.

Zardari: Let it be Jillani.

Nawaz: Done.

Asim: Ok.

— Next Day — Escorts Room —

Asim: [on phone] It can’t be PPP or PMLN. It should be our BAP. Kakar to be the CPM.

PA: Sir.

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