Tharki Fellows (on Facebook)

Dear Tharki Fellow Nationals!

If a woman comments, she wants you to send her a friend request. If she doesn’t accept, DM her. Try your best and grab the attention.

This is a substitute platform for Tinder. And Bumble. Women comment here for your attention. Give it to them without swiping right or left.

Every single comment is a hint. Every single reaction on your comment by a woman is a clear message. Conquer your fears and embrace the awaited journey.

Women have thanked me. I’m thanking you. Please continue. Next time, Tharki of the Month will be published so the remaining ones may get higher motivation.

One has received 35 friend requests just because she commented today. She’s so happy. She never got that much love in her life. She has promised to comment regularly in future.

Thank you.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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