Thank you Chief!

Those who believed “missing people” is a hoax, were protesting with posters of Vigo last night.

Those who said “PTM is against the state”, were against the state like PTM yesterday.

Those who used to say “must have done something”, were tweeting “what have they done?” this weekend.

Those who believed elections were “free and fair” in 2018, were shouting against “neutrality” in 2022.

Those who believed it’s the ugly politicians and clean establishment, were against ugly establishment for clean politicians in massive crowds.

Thank you Chief! You did what others couldn’t do. I mean, they did. But they did not. Acres and acres of lands were gone and billion-dollar pizza empires were raised and no one had a clue.

And look at you?

Thank you!

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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