Saturdays Redefined

Saturdays have never been better. Live action every weekend from 10 am to 1 am next morning.

What else can one demand in life? I’m so fine with this. This culture. This mob. Inside parliaments. This is too good for Netflix.

You don’t even need a subscription. It’s free. Choose a side and enjoy.

Every Saturday is like a new season. You have new villains and no heroes. Only hoes.

My favorite episode was from last weekend. That prison van and Bajwa doing all the constitutional stuff and courts opening in midnight to change one hybrid regime with another hybrid regime on the behest of one man, Bajwa, against another villain, Khan. Loved that.

My second favorite was DJ ISPR. He was so good. Even his expressions were as confused as his content. He was bickering live comical stuff with so many doubts. But never stopped. Embarrassingly. Loved that character.

And today is another dish being cooked live since morning. This time it’s Punjab’s parliament and goons are having a day. Chilling, beating, sleeping, all live.

No doubt the Cartoon PM couldn’t bear our happiness with TV screens and took our Saturdays away. Shameless!

After Alpha Bravo Charlie, this is the finest production by ISPR. Can’t deny that. His Highness always gives credit where it’s due.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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