In battle of left and right, you need to stand ‘right’. Corrected, I mean. It’s not a battle of left and right, but some words should be written rightly.

The state has a higher responsibility than any mob. It has the responsibility of law and order. And the state is to blame when blood is spilled due to negligence or poor decision making.

A few examples:

Lal Masjid Operation was wrong.
Akbar Bugti’s Operation was wrong.
7 May riots of Karachi were wrong.
Model Town incident was wrong.
Various military operations in Balochistan were wrong.
Distribution of funds to TLP members was wrong.
Allowing a violent / extremist outfit to contest election was wrong.
And now, the current brutal operation against TLP members is wrong.

The state – be it PPP, PML-N, PTI, or the all time military establishment – was wrong in all the above instances.

The state cannot mimic and claim methodologies of a mob or an outfit. TLP members hurt policemen and the public. In return, the state cannot justify such brutal actions.

There are situations when operations are needed in the end. But they should always be the last resort.

Washington’s Capitol Hill was attacked by a mob. The state remained in utmost senses and did a fine job in tackling the crisis. Various past examples from around the world can be seen under such circumstances.

But, dictatorial regimes always opt to show power. They don’t surrender to their public (pun intended) and they don’t have much sense of politics and peace.

So, here we are. Wrong again. Wronged again. But the words should be right.

And that shouldn’t be an argument for miscarriage.

Democratically speaking, PTI and Imran Khan should complete their term. I know, they are not even ruling but even the worst democratic setup is better than a direct dictatorial regime.

Who is Prime Minister Imran Khan, anyway? We – including His Highness – make fun of him but he is not even to blame in most of the matters. Apart from his tongue and his uncompromised selfishness to stay in the PM House, there is nothing wrong with the guy because he has nothing to do any harm.

Nonetheless, the government should complete its term democratically.

Lastly, Qazi Faez Isa said all of the above mentioned words of wisdom in his judgement. He told the state and deep state to behave and mend ways. But ‘mend your own house’ was a sin back then. Treason. Hence, he is facing his consciousness in court. Dragged but not dirty. And the only ‘right’ man in town.

P.S. His Highness has used the word ‘right’ with different intentions in different statements. I hope you won’t get confused. Or – let His Highness get it ‘right’ that ‘right’ has always been a violent pain in the arse of various countries around the world. But here, we feed and nurture right. To stay right in power. Right?

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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