Restarting Swat

Swat was not undone. Nothing was undone. Ever. It was kept on snooze. For a better time to come. And it has come. Came. Come. Time.

What did you expect when TTP was called for talks? Beat them. Ceasefire. Talk. Disagreements. Get beaten. Beat them. Ceasefire. Continue the drill soldier! In the name of budget and power forever.

Anyway, the state has been a security state since the beginning. It was for people – to be kidnapped. By the people – to kidnap. So that the state may perish perpetually with collateral damage – you – to fall necessarily when needed.

The idea of a security state was established right at the beginning. Because there was nothing else to begin with. The idea to secure religion. The idea to secure nationalism. The idea to secure patriotism. The idea to secure those who were supposed to secure you.

And the idea to keep you unsecure. And your blood. And your generations to come and fall in line so that those in the line of duty may stay safe. So that market needs never die. Supply and demand may remain intact.

Defense for the defense. Guards guarding the guards who were supposed to guard. Barracks. Check posts. And even then, bomb blasts and kidnappings.

So, Swat was done. Undone. Illusion. The biggest mastermind with blood of 144 escaped right from the guarded guards. The one with 444 murders still roams free. But make a speech of truth and you may go to prison for 2 years. Or more. Or not. With no escape plan or prison break series.

Extension is around the corner. It is in talks already. For the betterment of Swat. And the country. And neighboring countries. And the Ummah. And the whole world. This works even without extension. Because you are in a line to fall with no sense of humor about the whole joke.

This is so vague. This blood. Bombs. Hate. Vague.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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