Random Numbness (Feb 2022)

This world is a comedy of tragedies. And errors. Not precisely.

One of the blunders in our history was Liaquat Ali Khan’s visit to America in 1950. In a polarized world, he chose a pole instead of staying in the neutral zone.

And today, we are witnessing another blunder. Our PM is in Russia while Russia is in war mode in Ukraine. Red carpet and stuff like that are achievements for the incompetents in power, without an iota of sense in the message being given. The tour is being telecasted live through mobile phone videos by Gill as if he’s in a wedding function.

Just when Russia is invading Ukraine, there is one PM walking the red-carpet in Russia. Our PM. Our very own idiot. Shameless!

But who cares? When you are an idiot – and high – your blunders are miracles.

Yemen happened and is happening. Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam happened. Who cares? Powerful comes and conquers. Babar did. Salahuddin Ayubi did. Mehmud Ghaznawi did. Sultan Fatih did.

So did America. So did Russia. That’s not even the point. Point is one idiot sitting in the lap of the powerful when that powerful is poking a weak enemy with military might.

One need to be a ‘conscientious objector’ at the right time.

The idiot also offered live debate with India’s Modi some days back. How convenient is that? While gagging media in his own country through PECA, the PM is in the mood to have a live debate. Freedom here. Not there.

And what can Modi make out of this offer? After all, the two idiots will be live. Two blood hounds. Both in some superiority complex because of their religions. Both disregarding women and minorities. Both narcissists. Both dumbs ruling the dump side of the world.

And who will win? Who will decide? And how will we understand their fallacies? Both the countries won the wars they fought with each other. Who will decide the victories in future wars? Ugly ducklings! Ruling hungry, malnourished, stunted, illiterate and fanatic people on both sides of the border.

Heaven! The world is a heaven. If you are an idiot. Or high.

Sometimes His Highness wonders how these people get here? With so little sense and intellect, they achieve the apparent top order. There was Trump. And there are Bolsonaro, Boris, Modi, Imran and many other populists around who are absolutely stupid. They make senseless analogies and are always confident enough to sustain.

Anyway. PECA is here. We can’t talk, but we can. We can make analogies. After all, who is going to look after our words? Bureaucrats? Another dumb lot. Dumb people are dangerous but first, they are dumb. Tough to reach you.

PECA is going to gag things more. It’s not about the idiot PM but the duffer boys. Every now and then, there is a leak and a new General gets exposed. The recent one being General Akhtar Abdur Rahman. He dealt directly in the business of Jihad. Make mujahedeens. Get dollars. In cash. So, his generations – the two Akhtars in different political parties – may have fortune for decades to come. So, you must remain mute under PECA.

After all, what could you do about the island in Australia and Pizzas in America? Nothing. You cannot defeat those who have weapons and the whole narrative of religion under their arms. You mock. You get abducted. Like people get abducted. Here and there. More there.

PECA is draconian. It is needed where regimes are dictatorial and military based. Ours is a military dictatorship; so, it was the need of the hour.

PECA is meticulous. You can criticize but you cannot criticize. You can mock but you cannot mock. You can disagree but you cannot disagree. You can call them randy dogs but you cannot call them randy dogs.

Athar Minallah gave some fine comments on PECA and you should read them. Rest; Arif Alvi is a man of bills. Hundreds and hundreds of bills. And with an impotent opposition like the current one, there is no one to halt.


Some weeks back, Iqrar ul Hassan was served with his own medicine. Well, he must have done something. “He must have done something; otherwise agencies don’t beat (or abduct or kill) people like that.” What are you getting at? That’s the typical sentence we slap on the face of all the missing and dumped ones. Must have done. Something.

And people die. Everyone dies. Noori died a couple of days back. He had a tombstone on his bed. He harassed someone. Then he evolved. And then he realized he didn’t harass her. Now she will be answerable to Noori’s kids.

Saari raat jaaga, jaga re…
Lagay dil mera, Haraam re…


Just remember, behind beautifully meaningful songs, are harassers sometimes. And you must think, what was she doing with Noori in the car’s backseat. “Must have done something”.

And then Rehman Malik died. Must have done…

The world has always been falling apart. Your world. His Highness’s world. And the world. It has always bled. Power, wars, religious wars and superiority, for some decades of rule, and that’s all. Most of your investments and returns won’t be utilized by you. Perhaps not even by your kids. But the current existence – the present time – matters; as you are comfortable in cozy beds, hot showers, and moving around in luxury vehicles. That really matters. That’s all that matters. Because we are mere consumers.

And after that, death matters. Death, we don’t know of. How? To where? Till when? No one knows. Tariq Jameel says that we will be served with alcohol and women. Sweet alcohol. Beautiful women. So many. Here and there. But for that, you need to follow these men in the business of religion. Nah!

Just like you followed the business of Jihad in the 80s. You let your sons die. And in the end, Generals’ sons enjoy. You have blood and some graves. They have blood-money. But they will die too.

Worry not. Ukraine will fall. And our idiot will be remembered for his walk on the bloody carpet.

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