If Karima Baloch was a traitor and was killed by Indians; then why didn’t the news channels cover it? You know when news channels don’t cover a story?
I know you know.
Do you know when people look abroad for their local issues?
According to your definition of treason, why do people become traitors? Why does a whole locality become treacherous?
Were we traitors when we asked for Pakistan?
Were Bangali – 55% of the population – traitors in 1971? Can a majority be labeled as traitor? If yes, doesn’t that kill the whole purpose of a state? Or a nation state?
Why do we like exactly the same thing in our neighborhood – like Khalistan Movement – but brutally hate the same one at home?
Why do we like foreign authors who criticize their governments – like Arundhati Roy – but hate our own similar critics for exactly the same reason?
Why do we prefer liberal governments in the West and non-liberal government at home?
And – again – why are news channels mute on certain incidents and issues? Why are thousands of people -who disagree under the banner of PTM – not part of the news; but a radical preacher talking about blood and hate is telecasted live?
We mourn APS every year. But we don’t shake our souls when we all know Ehsan Ullah Ehsan’s episode. No question asked.
Is there a standard? Or is there only hypocrisy? Sheer hypocrisy.
Questions are the same. Answers may vary. You can have your own version of answers. Sometimes, it is hard to land. Sometimes, it is not. But do analyze. Listen. Read. And have an opinion on things which are overt and covert at the same time.

Author: SakiNama

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