Post 8303 and PIA

Blaming IK or PTI for PIA is your political bias. They don’t even share 5% of the blame. First and foremost, air marshals ruined it. Of all the institutions under the boys, PAF got this one. And like all the other ones under men-in-uniform, this one is also ruined. Imagine! Air Marshal Arshad Malik and his predecessors did not have a proper mechanism for recruitment of pilots. So, 8303 happened. Bad judgement and poor piloting skills led to a catastrophe. Catastrophes. Then PPP. The party which is known for giving jobs in bulk to the least capable people. For votes. Behind an ugly employees-to-aircraft ratio in PIA, no one is to blame except PPP. No wonder we have the clueless men on ground and fake pilots up in the air. In abundance. Why don’t we export them? Anyway. And PML-N. They were here in federal government for 5 years from 2013 to 2018. PIA kept bleeding before, during, and after their tenure. 47 people died in a plane crash in Havelian in 2016 and yet we didn’t dissect PIA. We covered the incident like we cover dead bodies. Like Punjab Police, ugly footsteps of PML-N can be traced in PIA too. Don’t jump. Let it crash. PTI deserves the credit at least for highlighting the facts in the media and exposing the ugly hierarchy of PIA, as well as of pilots. EU has banned PIA for 6 months. Quite reasonable. Let’s hope that the issues will be resolved and ugly ducklings will be removed and thrown out. Or we can privatize it. Nothing is above human lives. That too in cases where you have to keep an instituition alive with billions in bailout packages. Like Pakistan Steel Mills. Get it done. Or be done with it. No more bailout. No more scapegoating. No more sugar-coating. And. As I always reiterate; these PPP, PML-N, PTI, PML-Q, MQM, etc. are all eggs. Rotten eggs. Laid by the same hen. Try slaughtering it someday. You may find a golden egg.

Author: SakiNama

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