Our Saudi. Not Our Saudi.


MBS arrives. PM drives. Nation derives. Petrol on credit. MoUs and MoUs. Brotherhood. Unity. Herd: Charismatic. History is made.


PM pulls out from Malaysia’s visit. Pakistan sidelines Turkey, Iran and Malaysia. Herd: Strategic foresight. Bold. History is made.


Dirilis Ertugrul. Must watch. Haga Sophia. Must follow. Praises. Herd: Tectonic shift. Caliphate coming soon. History is made.


Foreign Minister: Slam Saudia. Slam, slam, slam. Saudia: You accented idiot! Give my money back. China: Here’s the $1 billion. Give them back. Government: Here’s the $1 billion. No more pimping for you. I’m out. Public: Where’s the actual $1 billion gone? Herd: Shut up! Saudia: Where’s the remaining $2 billion? Government: Bro! Let’s meet. I will drive for you. Saudia: No! You are driving me crazy. Government: Let me send you my man to cool things down. China: The fuck bro! Government: (winks China) Saudi: I see that. No more oil for you. Government: We will not succumb to any pressure. Herd: Bold. Farsighted. Bliss. History is made.


Foreign Minister: I stood tall and resigned when Raymond Davis was escorted. Today, again, I will leave if I had to. And then I will resurrect again. Like Jesus. In another era. In another party. In another way.


We’ll not surrender. We’ll not compromise. It’s not Yemen. It’s not Uighur. It’s not Afghanistan. It’s Kashmir. [music] We’ll draw maps. We’ll make songs. We’ll be shouting [music]. We’ll be quiet. [silence] Whatever happens. Whatever we commit. Is farsighted. [music] And history will be made. [silence]

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His Highness

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