Nationally Sexist

Though this land is pure and it is defined by its religion, but you peek a little closely and this land offers you nothing but hypocrisy. Hypocrisy wrapped with tasbeeh in hand and religion all around.

Women have been ridiculed here in politics since the beginning. Don’t know how and when we inherited that. Ayub didn’t spare Fatima Jinnah when he was politically challenged by a woman.

Benazir was ridiculed when PMLN was enjoying the lap.

Musharraf had worst kind of language for women rape victims.

Listen to some prominent heads of PMLN and you will find them full of sexism and misogyny.

One argument that opponents make against Bilalwal is by objectifying him. Sheikh Rasheed and many others love to make trash jokes to look funny. They call him names and make sexist jokes shamefully, as if being a woman is a sin here. It is by the way, isn’t it?

And that same Bilalwal stood taller than all the loudmouths yesterday when he defended ex-PM’s visit of Russia in US. He left vengeance and hate at home and declined to wash the dirty linen abroad. Touché!

Anyway. Women have been ridiculed and objectified here in politics. In fact, even in wars too as a strategy.

In 1971, women of the East were raped and killed during the war. A prominent strategy of the war was to insult and degrade women of Bangal physically and psychologically. And we never apologized for our sins. We don’t even accept without ifs and buts.

What Imran Khan did today is not only below the belt but disgusting. This defines him. Populism – just like Trump was sexist and misogynist – has its way. Cult never gets it. In fact, the cult cheers on such trash and this is exactly why they were there. It’s more like a stage drama where people are for Punjabi comedy which revolves around filthy jokes.

Imran Khan – being a leader of his party who loves to portray himself as a Caliph – let this be for you:

تسبیح پھری تے دل نہیں پھریا ، کیہ لینا تسبیح پھڑ کے ہُو
علم پڑھیا تے ادب نہ سکھیا،کیہ لینا علم نوں پڑھ کے ہُو

سِر تے ٹوپی تے نیت کھوٹی
لینا کی سِر ٹوپی تَرھ کے؟
تسبیح پھِری پر دِل نہ پھِریا
لینا کی تسبیح ہتھ پَھڑ کے

And for all those coming up with pictures of Khan’s family! Shame on you too! You are more disgusting because you are not getting it even now.

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