Multan’s Nishtar & Dead Bodies

Hundreds of dead bodies have been found on rooftop of Nishtar Hospital in Multan. The video is making rounds. Rightly. Dead don’t make noise. Videos of dead do.

And dead stink. They didn’t? They didn’t stick hard may be! Failed to make an impact on the dead society moving underneath.

Imagine lying there for years like that. Full moons. Sunny days. Beautiful rains. Starry nights. And some hundreds of dead bodies around you. For years and years.

Anyway, the Health Department of Punjab has issued a letter. Congratulations! A typical bureaucratic letter. Let’s dissect it, the way Nishtar dissected the dead bodies.

  • “I am directed to refer…”. Typical start to be blameless, even though the letter is by a PMS officer.
  • “… decaying dead bodies on the rooftop of Nishtar Hospital, Multan has surfaced causing public outcry.”  Which means we were not going to take a notice otherwise. And they didn’t. Because this is not a new news.  
  • “Competent authority has taken a serious notice”. That’s the usual joke. It’s the incompetent authority that had REM during its sleep after public’s noise. Idiots.
  • “Carry out an in-depth investigation…”. Asking the MS to do an in-depth investigation. Asking the culprit to begin. Why don’t you guys make a committee under Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner and a couple of other duffers. The committee will be able to present an in-depth by the time the dead bodies are completely decomposed.
  • “Within three days…. Urgent.” Imagine. It is urgent. And 3 days. That’s all about the serious notice of the incompetent authority.

Now come to the hierarchy. This is under Minister Yasmin Rashid. The same iron lady from the road, who had health department since 2018 with a little break.

After her majesty, comes the Secretary – the incompetent authority to be precise. The letter, the notice, the urgency, and his future action plan will reveal his incompetency pretty soon but it won’t matter. He will keep on getting promotions because it is not the work that matters but the hand that signing your ACR. Keep that hand filled and busy and ACRs will go excellent.

And then comes the District Administration and other baboos on the field. They are going to cook the dead bodies and eat them after cooking them a little. Just wait and see.

The ugliness in the system is because of the system which is outdated. It was a system of the Colonizers to control the masses. They did. They did well. But then they left.  

This same system of pages and files and “put-up” and “noted” and “approved” and “seen” is rotten. Gradual growth with set qualification and promotion of employees should lead to the top. Or technocracy should take-over. This whole filing system should be online as it will keep a perfect eye on pendency and files won’t vanish suddenly. The existing use of millions of pages on daily basis should end.

These leftovers of the colonizers don’t even know that they are mere jokers and as soon as they leave the room, people laugh at them.

The other day, a CSP lady with superiority complex since induction got a little attention on Twitter. She went to US – not with her money – to brag how her AC Jhelum House – not her house – was bigger than White House with no need of medical insurance or study loans etc. The joke went out of her hand because of being an idiot. Later, she had to defend the low intellect with lower intellect. She had the attention though.

Such minds are going to handle the case of hundreds of dead bodies found on the rooftop. Such minds didn’t know that before as the case is clearly years old. Some of the dead bodies can be seen to be there for more than 2 years.

No one noticed. Until now. Public outcry. Serious notice. In-depth investigation. 3 days. Urgent. Your arse.  

P.S. by the way, such mass dead bodies only make noise in Punjab. Such scenes from Balochistan doesn’t even count. May be its routine there and a scene here. Who knows except those who knows who is sleeping with who?

Author: SakiNama

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