Motorway, CCPO & the Hierarchy of Bastards

After thousands of years of evolution, came his gene. He was finally born.

Then after usual upbringing and education, he made a decision.

He rote-learned. Essays, general knowledge, Islamiat, science, poetry and poetic history.

Then he appeared in the competitive examination.

Then he proved to be the ‘top cream’. The gem. Selected in the Police Service of Pakistan.

Then after two decades of service – or whatever – he reached the stage of self-actualization of Maslow’s Hierarchy. This is the stage where a person becomes what he is capable of. Napoleon. The pig on top in the hierarchy of bastards.

After a rape incident, he vomited intellectual stuff – which is a common practice of commoners – like why did the woman choose that route, why she was out at night, why she was roaming around with her body, and why did she choose to be born here… stuff. Intellectual stuff.

Well, one thing is Darwin was all wrong. He didn’t talk about devolution. Maybe because he died before 1947 and never witnessed this decomposing gene.

Here, we are going backwards. Gradually. One generation at a time. Soon to be monkeys. Never going to be extinct.

From rote-learning to rotting-in-hell.

You guys were angry on the language of the previous post? Hierarchy of bastards. Pigs on top. Dumb-fucked clerks. Pimping accountants. Well, these are all the words I have to define them and their system.

Tell me, didn’t CCPO prove every single word right? Right.

Even if you agree with CCPO – God forbid – what about the Sahiwal Massacre? Half of the family was killed by security force itself, in front of the remaining half – minor young girls. After cooling down the anger, justice was flushed. All the killers went free. No inquiry was launched about intelligence and tip.

A family on way to a wedding, ended up in a morgue.

And where have we landed?

3,881 cases of rape, 1,359 cases of child sexual abuse, 1,758 cases of violence against women, 12,600 cases of kidnapping of women were registered in 2019 in Punjab alone.

If you make a measurement-scale including economy, tolerance, religious harmony, healthcare, education, honor killing, bribery, red-tapeism, child molestation, rape, murder, peace and terrorism; Pakistan will emerge as the worst country on globe. To argue it as second worst… well the point is made. No further arguments.

And ladies! As you are not halting re-production of your gender here, then at least don’t go out with your bodies. Keep your bodies home. And pray that may this generation go extinct. Somehow. Big-bang. Meteor crash. Something. Somehow.

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