No minus-one is going to happen. Not in Federal. Not in Punjab. With all the mess around and all the civil posts under non-civils, it’s not even needed. No need to change the diapers.
Extended Bajwa and Faez – not our Faiz – came and smiled while the PM was gibbering at Diamer-Basha Dam. A nod. A smile. All good.
Retired Bajwa – CPEC boy – suffered on Twitter. But the herd came on time and defended the defenders. But that’s not my problem. My problem is different.
Firstly, I cannot differentiate between a Toyota and a Honda without seeing their logos. So, as you can guess, I didn’t know about Toyota ZX. I know about FX though.
Secondly, when I read the cost of Rs.3 million, I was like this is less than his current monthly salary. Why so serious then? And then – another then – I saw the actual cost of Toyota ZX. Over Rs.3 crores.
And crux of my problem is, even if someone will offer me a brand new Toyota ZX for Rs.3 million, I wouldn’t be able to purchase it. My evolutionary solution is; I don’t need that. I am Jack’s broken heart.
Don’t be selfish.
They are awake, when you are asleep.
When you are asleep, they take your stuff.
They take your stuff; you go into Stockholm syndrome.
And Stockholm is beautiful.
So. No minus-one needed. All is good.
On the other hand, we took Faez – our Faez Isa – to the cleaners. We unskinned him and took all the measures to make him look ugly and questionable. Why? Because he questioned the unquestioned. Because he did what Twitter tried on Retired Bajwa. Because he stood corrected. Our Faez.
Even after stripping him naked, he stood tall. Without an army behind. Without an intelligence to manipulate. Without a moral brigade on social media.
Before twitter, there was a woman named Dr. Ayesha Siddiqua. She wrote a book and become a certified traitor. In her ‘Military Inc.’ (2007), she detailed the business empire of the military. Which is like a spider-web. She estimated ‘MilBus’ (military business) of being worth £10 billion. She said boys have 12% of the country’s land. That was in 2007.
You can browse Eliot Wilson’s article on Spectator for more details. Or you can read the book: Military Inc. by Dr. Ayesha Siddiqua. And then you can become despicable too.
Or you can abuse those who ask questions. In that case, you don’t need to read or analyze or be a sane man. You don’t even need a mind. Your dumbness would be enough.
That’s all a state needs – when it’s a security state.
That’s all a religion needs – when it’s in danger.
There was East India Company before. Now there is West Pakistan Company. Or Pakistan Company. Because there is no East anymore. High 5!
Shut up!

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