Kids – From Pakistan to Kashmir to Afghanistan

Two stories. Of violence. Of gun-shots. Of state-terrorism.
But that’s not the point.
In one story, a whole family was brutally attacked by the state. Killing half of the family right in front of the remaining half. In broad day-light.
Those who were going to a marriage hall, ended up in a morgue. Those who were going to play with kids, were out-played by the state guns.
But even that’s not the point.
Point is hypocrisy.
You have been nurtured and brainwashed. Even your DNA must have compromised.
You saw the other kid – not our kid – in Kashmir. Traumatized by the Indian state. The kid sitting over his dead nana’s chest, in blood.
So, you wept. You took the pain personally. You highlighted the case. Took it internationally. Tweeted it to the foreign news agencies.
Back home, our kids suffered without justice.
Back home, everything remained normal after the massacre.
Back home, all the culprits and perpetrators were freed.
In Sahiwal massacre, 4 were killed by state bullets, including a 13-year old girl. 2 kids witnessed the whole episode.
But for the Kashmiri kid, we want justice. We want the world to take a strict notice. We want the world to bomb the hell out of the killers.
For the Kashmir kid.
Ignoring our Pakistani kids.
Oh! epiphany. Remember “two-legged dogs”?
Hundreds of children were killed in drone strikes in Afghanistan. Guess who provided the sites / stations for the drones? Don’t weep. Keep mourning.
Those were all kids. Those kids in Pakistan, in Kashmir, in India, in Afghanistan… were kids. They all suffered equally in the hands of ugly state narratives. Be it any state.
What matters is your domain. Your domain starts from your home and your street. So, if you were numb a year back, you are just being hypocrite now. Even your pain political.
Mourn. But mourn without political affiliation and national bias.

Author: SakiNama

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