Human Shield for Human

Mourning. Again.

Outside is an amazing crowd. Doing everything on the call of their leader.

Inside is a leader who has no courtesy for those outside.

He make videos with shells and bullets in front of his desk, without empathy for those who collect these for his videos.  

Sometimes, he mourns a death. He calls the relatives to offer condolences. And relatives come. To receive the condolences.

At the same time, he keeps thousands of others in the same line of fire for more potential deaths and condolences.

Because dead bodies are not necessarily bad. It’s a boost. A martyred voter is still a voter.


What would have other – real – leaders would have done here? Given themselves in. Without a doubt and any second thought. But this one needs a human shield. People may die so that he may resides in the mansion.

The bravery of the followers is amazing, nonetheless. A demo for another institution that.

Just a demo. For now.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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