Hayat Baloch

Anger isn’t blind. It’s pretty intelligent. It seldom goes out on the powerful and rarely unleashes itself on the higher ups. Face-spitting and insults always travel from top to bottom. Hierarchical.

Same is the case in informal social life. You will divert your gaze from an angry stare from someone you think can hurt you. But at home, no one dare stare at you. Because you are an angry man. You can spit venom and can hurt anyone under you.

That was the whole point of the movie “Thappad”. Of all the people in that party, the furious guy slapped his wife only. Not his boss or colleagues or his uncles. His wife. Taken-for-granted one.

Anger isn’t blind. It’s pretty intelligent.

Come to Hayat Baloch.

A student of Karachi University, killed in Turbat by FC Personnel on August 13th. It’s a crime to call it ‘reaction in haste’. That’s insult to injury. It was not haste. It was the intelligent anger. From powerful to powerless. The superiority of the defenders.

FC personnel knew that they can unleash their anger on the general public without a second thought. And they did.

So. Gunned down. Outside his home in front of his father. Eight bullets.

Happy independence day!

And then you wonder why they don’t get goosebumps ata national songs. They don’t. I don’t. Because life there is not life here.


Sahiwal massacre happened. Everyone cried for weeks. The government used the usual tactics of cooling down the anger. The anger cooled down. And CTD personnel were escorted.

Like Ehsan Ullah Ehsan. Oh! He wasn’t escorted. He escaped. I apologize.

Naqibullah. One of the 444 encounters of Rao Anwar. Naqib’s father died in pursuit of justice. While Rao walks free. Even Supreme Court didn’t get ‘angry’ when he didn’t respond to subpoenas for months.

Remember Sarfraz Shah killed by Rangers in 2011? Hayat Baloch’s murder is an exact case. From Sindh to Balochistan. The power remains intact. Above law. Above humanity. Above consciousness.

These are the reported cases. Imagine the unreported. If you look closely, you will remotely find such news in mainstream media. Hush!

Yet we call it Riyasat-e-Medina. Stubbornly. Without shame. There were no such cruelties in Riyasat-e-Medina. Prophet Muhammad PBUH would never approve of Pakistan as Riyasat-e-Medina.

People were not killed in broad daylight in Riyasat-e-Medina.
People were not abducted in Riyasat-e-Medina.

But guess where we are. Here:

  • One religious scholar is busy licking honey fingers in dreams. While another religious scholar – who talks about diversified peace – is living in exile. In fear of his life.
  • Mosques. Kids are raped. A married couple spins. Former one is accepted as no one labels it blasphemy. Latter one demands blood and blasphemy trends.
  • People are being abducted and killed by the state. But the whole community is adamant to declare the state as the fortress of Islam. Such sheer hypocrisy.
  • Books are banned. Dissent is not allowed. National narrative is being implemented through force and violence.
  • Justice for Kashmir with songs and roads. And bullets for those who dissent and ask questions. Hypocrisy remains intact.

Chief of the boys is talking to Bill Gates. And meeting MBS. From locust to Covid-19 to earthquakes to flood to wherever there are funds are boys. Getting fat now. Decomposing while composing. Well, it’s democracy.

And the puppet IK is the man to blame. Because we blamed puppets before.

These politicians and the political parties and the licking scholars and proxy outfits… these are effects. What’s the cause? What’s the root of all these evil?

Exactly! There is one cause. There is one evil root. You can keep counting leaves and argue over puppets, meanwhile I pray that Allah defends us from our defenders. And of course… duffers!

Author: SakiNama

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