From Curiosity to Curse

Kids are not safe.

Kittens are not safe.

Kittens from kids are not safe.

Books are not safe.

And this is all connected.

Since Zia, chapters on ‘reproduction’ in biology books became a national threat to the moral upbringing of the kids. The moral brigade never allowed education about sex and reproduction. So here we are. Morally corrupt. Since puberty.

On the other hand, children – not knowing safety measures – are easy victims for pedophiles. Particularly in suburbs and madrassahs. If we could teach our kids about sex and harassment, they would know certain precautionary measures. At least from the usual suspects like close relatives and madrassah teachers.

But every time there is a talk of sex education, people get outraged. They don’t get outraged at actual rape / pedophilia incidents, but they do lose their minds as soon as there is talk about relevant education. Or maybe they think of sex education as sex novels. Who knows? Upbringing? Perhaps.

Comes curiosity… insubordination in its purest form. With genitals attached to the body since birth, kids get curious. Everyone does. Naturally obvious. As parents and teachers don’t communicate on this topic, informal channels are left to find answers.

With easy access to the internet, questions are answered. Incorrectly. Imprudently. Without apprenticeship. Mainly through porn material.

And with that upbringing… comes a kitten.


From silencing books to kids raping kittens, nothing is difficult to comprehend.  From curiosity to curse.

Education is the evolutionary solution to every problem. Be it intolerance, violence, misogyny, discrimination, racism, harassment, blasphemy or anything. We – with the usual blanket of religion – have completely covered certain grave issues. Closing our eyes or hushing the topic won’t resolve the problem.

And where have we landed ourselves with this blanketing?

Welcome to pedophilia capital of the world. To bestiality. To shushing. To pious in public and monsters in private.

This is the problem where you can start playing your part. Open up. If the schools don’t talk, you talk. Talk to your kids and remove the communication gap. Tell them about their privacy and how they need to protect themselves and be protected from others.

Author: SakiNama

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