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While we – not we – were abducting people, silencing dissent, composing songs, producing movies, fighting on Twitter, and lecturing about 5th generation warfare; the neighbor has actually been fooling the whole world successfully since 2005.

For 15 years, the neighbor has been manipulating the UN and the EU. Even with dead participants. We – not we –were making sensitive tapes for political gains. A dime here, a dime there. A dummy here and a traitor there. Ludo kinda stuff.

And then, you yourself become a victim. See, what happened to Sheikh Rasheed. Became prey to his own bosses. This is sad and disgusting. Principally speaking, that’s no one’s business. Instead of the victim, shame the criminals who trap politician and judges and activists like that. No one should degrade, humiliate, ask for resignation or anything else from Sheikh Rasheed based on this episode. No one should. But, the loud-mouth won’t be spared, I guess.

Anyway, back to business.

Who exposed the neighbor? Number 1? No. Not those who were abducting people, silencing dissent, composing songs, producing movies, fighting on Twitter, and lecturing regularly about 5th generation warfare; but a foreign NGO.

These two South Asian countries have serious basic issues. Poverty, hunger, malnutrition, stunting, health crisis, millions out of school children, farmers’ issues, inflation, water crisis, intolerance, discrimination, and what not. Yet the two neighbors are always fighting with each other for vanity. Spending billions on weapons. Spending billions on manipulation. Spending billions on propaganda to keep cash-cows – like Kashmir – alive.

Business. Nothing more and nothing less.

Sometimes the business flourishes on narratives of patriotism and nationalism. Other times, religion becomes the key ingredient. And it sells. Always.

As Manto said, a hungry human is a hungry human. Not Muslim or Hindu.

By the way, you must be aware of the farmers of India. But do you know anything about farmers of Okara?

Nonetheless, congratulations for now. It’s not a victory for being stupid and foolish for 15 years, but ok. Even the exposé has come from abroad. But you don’t get this.

As Pink Floyd sang: I have become comfortably numb.

Author: SakiNama

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