After the ouster, the loudmouth base became anti-establishment. Putting on the seat is fine. Kicking out isn’t.

It’s national hypocrisy but not debating that for now.

Only that the loudmouths are just dumbfucked how the boys can be against their own people.

Ironically, the boys are dumbfucked exactly the same way; like how these dumbfucks got against dumbfucks.

The two sides of the same strings are just curved enough that the mouth is in direct stare with the anus. Without blinking. Yes. Can’t blink.

But that’s not all.

In this war of duffers with idiots, there is another species wandering in between the two to pick some leftovers. That species is not dumbfucked right now. They are just doing what they agitated for 3.5 years in reverse mode. That’s all. No mind. No narrative. No blame to be dumb.

Meanwhile, the mess is being thrown all over the land, through fan of mismanagement. Flood victims remained victims. Their generations will remain victims. No money for them. Meanwhile, boys got an additional Rs.30.8 billion.

Yes. Stay patriotic even if you have to wash your dirty laundry with dirty water.

Missing people, who the loudmouths are talking about these days, are being ignored by those who were talking about them when they were not in power.

It’s simple. Missing people are road to power. And missing the issue of missing people is the road to sustain in power. Like the ex-Minister did.

Now, she talks about raids in her home and unidentifiable identified men not in uniform as potential abductors on CCTV. When she was in power, she was not ready to be blackmailed. She’s so good.

Anyway. This is all so dumbfucking. I can go on and on and on and you may like the way it is going on but that’s not amusing.

Two solutions. One is to lie down in front of the tanks and lay down your lives and live happily ever after in heaven. Because, this land ain’t going to change.

Second is to wait for a Messiah, unlike these compromised ones, to take you out of this mess; and keep waiting because that ain’t gonna happen. So, die waiting and land in heaven and…

Honestly, just wanted to write the first four paragraphs. Not even that. It’s much boring. Waiting for Wednesday to mess things up with you all.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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