CSS – Essay, English & The Intellect

Passing essay paper of CSS exam is a different game. You have to be on next level (of cramming contemporary essays) and then to pray for the luck.

Out of 10 topics, you have to go for the one. And 80% of people go for the same topic. Because thats the exact one which was in all the cramming books.

Like, give them a chance to write on women empowerment, and you will see 20,000 feminists writing the exactly same thing, at the same time, at the same day, with the same quotes.

And then 99% fail. Isn’t it amazing?

Then comes the ugliest part: those who pass – the top 1% cream of Pakistan – become ACs, DCs and Secretaries. Who issue poorly drafted letters and make a joke of themselves in public. The same public they degrade and avoid.

Like DC Lahore.

Apparently, the cream is rotten. There is no top 1%. The game is for nothing but a ‘pakki nokri’ with a house, a car, some staff and some lickers. All of them joking about the ‘intellect’ behind his/her back.

See any public department. Pick any. Transport, education, health, revenue, lands, planning, development, higher education, communication, works, roads, IT… any.

You will see the clowns with lickers all around, nodding and agreeing to rotten ideas. But the joke is on you with your money and your assets.

Establishment, is after-all establishment.

Now a personal story:

His highness appeared to test himself, without any book or academy. When the whole world was writing about China being taya-abu, his highness opted for “Blasphemy”. Wrote personal views and used not only English and Urdu quotes, but also Punjabi poetry.

Guess what? 65. That’s what his highness scored in the Essay. Fortunately, failed Preci and became forever indebted to The Lord for not becoming a suited-booted-joke.

But sometimes I do think about jokers all around, agreeing to my out-of-the-box and game-changing ideas, and praising my intellect and philosophy of life. Who cares what they say behind my back? Losers!

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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  1. Your highness. Some truths better be called lies. Otherwise they not only reject you from “pakki nokri” but also send to Northern Areas. With one-way ticket.

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