Colonel Virus

Corona virus is new. Colonel virus is not.

Just imagine, if she did this with policemen, what would she do to civilians.
Then Imagine wives of higher hierarchy.
And then Imagine the higher hierarchy itself.

Try to get an idea of what the people of tribal areas and Balochistan must be going through.

Remember PTM? Their demands? One demand was to reduce the number of check-posts to save them of their daily dose of humiliation.

A few days back, a senior military official was fined due to traffic violation in India. In Pakistan, Motorway Police was beaten and tortured by the boys in 2016 for doing their duty. Pistols were shown. Power was demonstrated. And the case was done and dusted.

Like the case of Sarfraz Shah killed by Rangers in Karachi.
Or the case of Sahiwal massacre.
Or the case of Wapda lineman killed by an officer.
Or the case of Rao Anwar’s 444.
Or the mysterious escape of Ehsan Ullah Ehsan.
This can be a never ending list.

You cannot trial those who run the system. You cannot trial the owners. You cannot trial who can make you evaporate. You cannot do anything.

See the government. Imagine its helplessness. There are retired and on-duty officers on major civilian posts. Almost every major department is taken over. Like lands of DHAs all across the country.

Situation is as ugly as Suparco.

Founded in 1961, Abdus Salam was its first chairman along-with other great minds of the time. Administrative control of the commission remained under doctors and experts of the relevant field till 2001. Then it was taken over by army. Since 2001, you-know-who are running a pathetic show.

So, this colonel virus isn’t new. But our response and numbness is as miserable as it’s against corona virus.

Just accept.
Welcome this acceptance.
This would be your first step towards realization.
And this realization would materialize someday.

Till then, eat grass.

Author: SakiNama

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