Charismatic without Ethos, Pathos & Logos

The followers were happy when he entered through help. But they became extremely angry when he was asked to leave through the same corridors.

The followers became radicals. Already radicalized became a cult. Suddenly they started to see missing people and silencing of voices too.

But they couldn’t see logic or reason.

The speeches are the same. Without ethos, pathos and logos.

Yet the followers are electrified. What was the outcome of the last 3.5 years? No questions.

What are the achievements? Ah! and Ums!

What about meeting Americans now? Shut up.

What is the offer? Any change of plan? Any new finance minister to market like Asad Umar? No.

Did killers of Shaiwal massacre were given justice or were they silenced like Model Town incident? Or do you have only Jokhio at hand to play your political games?

Were you not ‘blackmailed’ twice? One recently by the opposition and establishment. And the other time by the dead bodies of Hazara.

Was DPO of Pakpattan not changed on personal grudges? Didn’t your own star IG of police resign because of your own hypocrite policies?

Did Balochistan or Hazara or any marginalized society felt safer in your tenure?

Were parents of APS massacre given voice? Or justice? Or some room?

Wasn’t Ehsan Ullah Ehsan freed in your tenure?

Did we achieve anything for Kashmir or was it just a political game?

Kashmir went to India without a hurdle when you went to the US. Wasn’t that a conspiracy?

Did you ever voiced for Muslims of Yemen or Uighurs, or were they ignored because of your ‘sovreign foreign policy’? Didn’t you support Arabia against Yemen militarily?

Corruption went down or reached new heights in your 3.5 years? Wasn’t ‘corruption’ the mantra? It is even a slogan now.

Did you bring back $200 billion corruption money? Did you categorically and clearly put a single bureaucrat or political behind bars? Or did you play the game with your corrupt men against their corrupt men and hence, no one was taken to the cleaners in the end?

How many ordinances were promulgated by your President? Wasn’t that the worst era of ordinances, beating martial laws too?

Offers are like a populist fascist. Religion. Superiority. Greatness. Propaganda. I. Me. I. Me.

I know there is no substitute. I know the cliché of “lesser evil” but that is not even the case here. It’s the exact same evil with higher velocity of madness and propaganda.

Yet, the crowd is here without questions. Just following a persona, a charisma.

The times they are a-changin’. The world has a number of such leaders today who brush logic and reasoning under the carpet and no one sees or asks.

One – Modi – is in the neighborhood too.

And the followers of one idiot don’t like the followers of another idiot. Playing with the same sentiments of religion, nationalism, and superiority. Abusing each other. In the mirror. Forever and ever.

Without ethos, pathos, and logos.

P.S. In the end, no one matters except boys. Remember RTS? Daska? Any other election? Good!

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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