Apna Time Ayega

A 15 year old boy – thief – was caught red-handed by a mob in Karachi. Tortured. Traumatized. Recorded. Beaten. Interviewed. Murdered.

Your soul leaving your body, inch by inch. An inch each hit. Gradually. Bit by bit.

What’s next to ecstasy? Pain. Death. Hell. Nothingness. A whole light year from pain to death. Inch by inch.


‘You thief! You will serve in hell.”
‘Huh! I just arrived from one.’

Mob justice. Mashal Khan. The Christian couple of Kot Radha Kishan. The brothers from Sialkot. Blasphemy cases. Mob injustice.

Scum of the earth.

His shirt had a quote: Apna time aye ga. Aya. Uska time aya. Everyone is seeing his video. It is everywhere. Uska time aa gaya. He’s famous now. The face of death.

Everyone is sad after watching this unbelievable incident. Apparently. Rapists are sad. Child molesters are sad. Abductors are sad. Thieves are sad. Looters are sad. Killers are sad. Kafir kafir khailne walay are sad. Sab ko maar do kehne walay are sad. The whole country – scum of the earth – is sad.

You don’t dare talk justice here. The murderer of 444 killers – Rao Anwar – is still free. The blood of the unfortunate family of Sahiwal massacre is forgotten. The mastermind of APS massacre – Ehsan Ullah Ehsan – is fine as well.

Don’t you dare abuse the abused ones by “justice” here.

Another boy was killed too, a few days back, in Gujranwala. His arms and legs were broken by a mob. His body was dumped in waste. This one didn’t get much limelight. Maybe because he wasn’t wearing “Apna waqt ayega”.


Tum sab ka bhi time aye ga. Aj uska kal tumhara.

This is hell. From here to nothingness is all there’s left to go.

Author: SakiNama

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