Abuse in Sacred Halls

Didn’t write on molvi riding a molvi. Behave, he’s a Mufti. He can oust you with a fatwa.

It’s a sensitive topic. It isn’t a Christian couple you can kill at will for blasphemy. It’s Maulana and his usual business of arse. They tell you about graves and jinns and hell and volcanoes and snakes and spiders.

Yet they ride. A high ride. Followed by free fall. Inside the sacred territories. Where non-Muslims cannot drink water but molvis can…

Religion. The biggest industry of the country. Bigger than Bahria and at par with patriotism.

Brothels and whores are better than these scums. Well, they always are. Manto always said that they do their business, never hurt others and – above all – are not hypocrites.

Even pimps don’t sell religion. They sell bodies and they don’t hide under any banner. They know they are in the sin business and they accept what they are doing.

Sin. It’s an art actually. Its a no-no. No no. Defined and undefined. Accepted and ridiculed. A spark in the mind. A circuit. And it trips.


This is perhaps the ugliest reality we are facing in this country. Of kids being raped and murdered. As commonly as anything.

There was a movie – Spotlight – based on true incidents where a small team of investigative journalists go deep into a child abuse scandal of a priest of a Catholic Church. By the end, the abuse was found everywhere. In every state of America and beyond. Till Rome itself.

As we cannot make movies, we live in denial. We cannot expose problems. We cannot make dramas. Topics of blasphemy, actual history, failures in wars, the dissection of events, maulanas, military stuff, religion, etc. are banned topics.

You can stop movies. But you cannot stop tapes.

This is the child-abuse-capital of the world. This is heaven for all the pedophiles. Ugliest country to be born and raised in. Don’t doubt that.

Realize and accept the problem without ifs and buts. That’s the first step towards recovery.

Heaven and hell are both here. Denial and hell here won’t lead to heaven there. Evolve!

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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