Behind every flight is a story. Some are going for a family gathering. Some to attend a marriage. Some to grieve.

Some are with money and gifts. Some empty handed.

There are incomplete goodbyes on departure and awaited welcomes on arrivals. Goodbyes are always incomplete. There is always that last handshake, hug or kiss which is missed. Always.

And then there are plane crashes.

Mayday. Mayday. People waiting for their loved ones at the airport now have to receive them from the morgue.

The idea of crashing in itself is horrible. Imagine yourself in a plane going down. Your life flashing in your eyes. Death – horrible death – covering you from all dimensions. And you are stuck on your seat and can do nothing.

Behind every plane crash is a different story. Different tragedy. Sometimes, there are blunders. Sometimes, it’s technical. Sometimes, the planes are not managed properly – like in most cases of PIA. And other times, it’s just the call.

Death is fine. The way it comes isn’t. And we don’t have a choice. Except to die anyway.

Dying in a plane crash is one of the most horrible ways to have an ending. No hope. Severe shock. Everything jolting. Sudden knock of death. Everyone already mourning their own end. Everyone not-ready to be burnt alive.

And being on such a tragic plane with your family is another misery altogether. What can you do? What have you done? This can’t be karma. This can’t be explained.

Another such tragedy is of missing people. Families don’t know if their loved ones are alive. Some actually pray for their deaths. Mothers have gone on long marches demanding dead bodies of their son.

Because when you bury, you know the whole story. When you don’t, you are hanged alive. Not dying. And dying every moment.

May there be some value of life.
May there be some sense of responsibility in those who are working in such sensitive jobs.
May there be some empathy in those dealing in repair and maintenance of planes.

‘Here’ is before ‘hereafter’. Hereafter is nothing without here. It doesn’t even exist without here first.

With cornona epidemic, plane crash, unsafe kids, state violence, and national misery‚Ķ can’t say ‘Eid Mubarik’.

May everyone rest in peace!
Those who are gone.
And those who aren’t.

Author: SakiNama

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