10 Years of Bin Laden

Yesterday was International Labor Day. Today is National Embarrassment Day.

Yes. Bin Laden happened today in 2011.

Whether we knew about Bin Laden or we didn’t; is equally embarrassing.

If we knew about the American operation or we didn’t; it’s the same embarrassing tale to tell.

Can US Navy Seals through two Black Hawks come for an operation, near the Federal Capital Islamabad, in the Garrison City of Abbottabad, and then operate for 40 minutes, and then leave successfully without any hurdle?

We knew. Or we didn’t. Embarrassing.

A commission was made. Like usual. But then the Abbottabad Commission Report was not revealed officially. Like Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report. So that blunders can be made, again and again, with the heads up high with pride.

Anyway. That Bin Laden is a hero and shaheed for our Prime Minister. He said this in the Parliament. While sitting in the lap of those who made the blunder of his Shahadat.

A beautiful world it is. Everything is connected. Even blood, violence, the dumb and the duffers.

We have an existential crisis, and we have a rationalism crisis too. We can’t think on our own. With blood of thousands on Bin Laden’s hand, we are still unsure if he was a hero or a villain. Right? Wrong.

He was a villain. Like anyone who plays with lives. And in the story of Afghanistan, there are no heroes. There are only villains. The Soviets, the Saudis, the Afghans, and the Americans; all were villains.

Ah! No. Not us. We were not villains in Afghanistan. We were mere pimps. Just making our cut from the business of war and blood.

So, Happy Embarrassment Day. Hear nothing, feel nothing.

At ease, soldier!

Author: SakiNama

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