Religious Supremacy in India

Mocking of religion – any religion – is wrong and disgusting. Critic of religion is fine (people may disagree with that too) but mocking and insulting is not.

Even if you are atheist or agnostic, religion cannot be made fun of as sentiments of millions and billions are attached to it.

India – under Modi and BJP – is into the dirty business of one religion’s supremacy, which never is achieved. Different religions tried to win the world at different times, but none remained to rule forever. Times change. And, obviously, religion is not to rule.

Again: religion is not to rule.

Religion is not to create fear, chaos, violence, or hate. If it does, then you are being played in the wrong hands. India being one ugly example at the moment.

The disrespect of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is wrong. There was no need for Nupur Sharma to fall that low for some rating. It’s not about India losing business from Arab countries or the international backlash they are facing, it is about 220 million Muslims of India, who have been disowned. Again and again.  

Freedom of speech has its limitations. Every freedom has limitations. And must have. You may dance to music all night, but your neighbor must not be disturbed by the noise. Your music is his / her noise.

Lastly, for the oppressed side: learn to ignore. You cannot shut every mouth in the world. Your religion has survived and will survive. Remember to practice as it was practiced by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH Himself.

Be civil and exemplary.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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