Chaos and Literature

Let’s have some classic words’ resonance in our current times. For literary and educational purposes.

Orwellian times: when the internet is disrupted and social media sites are blocked. And the truth remains hidden.

Frankenstein’s monster: when your own creation goes against you.

1984: when you can’t speak what you want to say. When you can’t move as you want to move. When you can’t watch the truth on TV. And when you can be abducted for anything against the Big Brother.

Big Brother: the one who is watching your timelines and listening to your phone calls and making you a traitor.

Kafkaesque: when nothing makes sense even with Google and the whole world on your palm. When figuring out becomes as complex as this.

Catch-22: though it’s 2023 but the catch is amazing. Every rule is contradictory. You may destroy and kill and get 1000 per abuser. Or you may go to jail for the same. You may kill 444 and roam free while the other may go to jail for a tweet.

Faustian bargain: when a person deals with the ones he names and shames in past to get a seat in the capital. The ex did this bargain. The current did this bargain. The next will do the same.

Herculean: a task that cannot be done. Even with blood and bodies. Like moving the boys to the barracks.

Jekyll and Hyde: when everything is both black and white and you don’t know if you will agree with this same person the next moment or not. You may cherish him now and he may take a u-turn tomorrow. Leaving you with nothing but to denounce yourself.

Utopia & Dystopia: state media is presenting utopia. Some presenting dystopia. And 20 others shifting from one to other in the same bulletin.

Dickensian: here’s the catch-22. It’s neither utopia nor dystopia. It’s dickensian. With a cliche of ‘elite capture’.

Lastly, my favorite;

Fight club: when people come out at will with a happy agenda to burn the buildings and beat each other with consent and contest. The winner is the winner. The loser isn’t the loser because the fights never end. And you cannot talk about this at all.

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