Taxing Perfection

Still, the doubling of cigarette prices hurt the most. Rs.500 per pack. That was too personal.

By the way, you must have purchased expensive shoes with some fault. Some fine linen with issues. An expensive perfume with a milliliter less in it. A branded phone with error on unpacking. A broken screen of a gadget on delivery. Expired products and eatables.

Something. Anything.

But you will never find a pack of 20 cigarettes short of 1 or 2. You will never find a pack with a damaged cigarette. There is no error. Never. The packaging is clean as a whistle.

You can have a problem with a person for whom you purchased cigarettes, but not the cigarettes themselves. The choice of a person can be wrong. Tobacco, never.

Even then they had to tax the art of perfection. It’s like taxing Lionel Messi for playing football.

Author: SakiNama

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