Prelude – Walli’s Life of Parallel Worlds

The newspaper said “200 years ago in 1814, a man named Walli was killed while standing against strict tax regulations by the Company.”
Wrong! I saw that incident and it was me who died. But not for standing against the Company. Anyways…
What if I tell you that I am on my deathbed now in 2014?
And what if I tell you that I have to die once more in 2174 while saving someone from The War? That someone is The One for whom I am travelling through all the times of parallel worlds…

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

3 thoughts on “Prelude – Walli’s Life of Parallel Worlds”

  1. I am sure I saw these lines somewhere else too but couldnt be able to recall.. Where does this writing come from? Are these words of your own or some quotation?

      1. Maybe I just saw those lines in a dream of mine… Anyways. I wish I was honored by a gift to die a million times while saving that One, in the arms of that One. I guess this must be the best thing to have in this temporary residence,the little Earth, is to be sent off by that One…

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