The Third Wave & The Third World

The prime minister – who didn’t follow SOPs during his corona days – is lamenting the nation for not following SOPs.

A same counterpart is in the neighborhood.

Both the neighbors are prime examples of not only illiteracy and poor health, but also extremism, intolerance, religious violence, mob justice, bigotry and blasphemy.

But both have weapons of mass destruction worth millions of dollars.

The man whose limbs were visible due to hunger, is proud that his country did a successful missile experiment.

The man whose kids are not getting proper education, is happy that his side of the soldier raised the leg higher than the other side.

And those who will die like insects in public hospitals, are happy that they have a mighty arsenal and a stock of atomic bombs.

Hence, mob. Crowd. Religious fanatics. Patriots. Nationalists. On both sides of the border.

Imagine, how much better would have been health and education infrastructure in these countries if they wouldn’t have wasted money in Kashmir, Kargil, LOC, wars, stupid show-off at Wagah and routine firings at the border?

Ah! Business.

Imagination is an art. We imagine Ghazwa-e-Hind. They imagine Greater India. Imagining such dreams on ventilators would be a sight of its own. But here’s a shortage of ventilators. And oxygen too.

But no shortage of morons.

One is dying due to lack of oxygen. The other not giving a shit about anything.

This part of the world is an insane part of the world. Let’s hope it’s cleansing in process.

Author: SakiNama

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