Judicial Brothel

Saad Rizvi comes out. Ali Wazir remains inside. That’s the whole judicial narrative of Pakistan.

Banned is not banned anymore. It’s welcomed by the impotents in power. NAP, however, is trashed.

By threatening the state with a couple of dead bodies, you can become a democratic entity. This is the message and this is the system.

This is also the narrative by the establishment – since the beginning. That’s why the majority got tired of minority and parted ways in 1971. Good for them. Happy 50 years of The Departed.

This is also the message of Gulzar Ahmed, Chief Justice of Pakistan, who stood shamelessly in front of the audience – including the unashamed Saqib Nisar – with his back to the brave beacon of hope we lost; Asma Jahangir.

Noor Mukadam was murdered brutally. Everyone knows the culprit. We all know the gruesome details of the murder. However, the judiciary is yet to give a verdict. Meanwhile, the killer is making joke of the judiciary in every hearing.

But CJ says he can’t be dictated and his judiciary is the best. Shit uttering shit in the most nonsensical way.

This judiciary is a brothel. If you have money, you can buy time and release. Raymond Davis was escorted by General Pasha himself on orders of this same judicial brothel.

Rao Anwar

Ehsan Ullah Ehsan

Sahiwal Massacre

APS justice

Model Town

12 May Karachi

Baldia factory

I bet you know more than me about this judicial brothel and its mockery of common people’s miseries.

So, Kurd was right. Absolutely right. Like Asma Jahangir was right.

It’s not a battle of left or right. It’s a battle for right. For justice.

And the hen who laid these rotten eggs is military.

This military has made this hung parliament to use these pawns accordingly.

This military has made these stalwarts in both government and in opposition to make a show.

This military has made these TLP, TTP, JuD and similar other outfits.

This military has all this set for a show for you to be busy in dumb discussions while they keep on making empires in the form of businesses, DHAs, islands in Australia, Pizza in America, and estates in Saudia.

While you keep on getting goosebumps. On music. On movies. On martyrdom which is a marketing technique and USP of military business.

This judiciary is just part of an extended business. That’s why they can’t do anything. They are told to let Davis go and the let go of Davis. They are told to ignore Rao and Rao is ignored. They are told to unlisten Ehsan and Ehsan is muted.

Now, you can hate His Highness. Because that was all too blunt for your fragile egos.

Relax. You are not their kid. They don’t care about you. You are not loved. You are not even needed. Embrace that. And evolve from here onwards.

Author: SakiNama

His Highness

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