Things I Don’t Need

I have a wish to never drive or sit in a limousine. It surely sounds absurd or epic or perhaps lunatic, but to be honest, the answer to this question is as simple as the title of this blog. I will quote Aristotle here, who once said that there are thousands of things in this world that I don’t need.

Today, the whole world is about media and information technology. They are loaded with advertisements trying to convert our needs into wants; and thus making us the most miserable creature on earth.

The miserable and unsatisfied expression on the face of a homeless man can also be seen on faces of billion dollar gurus of “corporatocracy”.

This rising misery within all of us is mainly because we are taught and fed with this notion daily. During my professional education, none of my teachers were impressed with lives and living styles of Prophet PBUH, Omar RA, Ali RA, Rumi, Bhudda, or Ghazali,. All were fans of Steve Jobs, Gates, Mittal, Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffet. We were mostly taught how to make money, and never about spirituality. We were taught to avail opportunities, not to avail ourselves.

We sometimes run into someone different during life moments. It is said that we can have tens of teachers but only 3 to 4 mentors. One of my mentors, who happened to be the only spiritual teacher in my professional education, focused more on teachings of Mumtaz Mufti, Asfhaq Ahmad and Karl Marx. Being a teacher of a professional business course, he never emphasized on making money, accumulating furniture, carrying handheld devices, buying cars, attires, formalities, or being artificially smart and unbeaten by plea.

But, with around forty materialistic teachers and one spiritualistic, I turned out to be more of a machine. The biggest problem that Pakistan, perhaps the whole world, is currently facing is the problem of being someone else; like being famous without doing anything, having heavy bank balance without working physically and being recognized for someone else’s work. Unfortunately, I am the biggest proof of the situation my nation is into. I am the youth of Pakistan.

Answer to this dilemma is simple: having patience, living life within our limits, remembering Allah regularly, recalling the lives of Prophets and their disciples… but we all know that already. Right?

Answer lies in the things we focus on in our daily lives. We have to focus on the beggars on road signals rather than advertisements on the billboards; we have to focus on youth coming out of mosques rather than guys with their hair combed skywards, wearing untidy torn jeans and hand around some girl. We simply have to change the seeing and thinking attitude and change in preferences will follow.

I have been in problem that I have mentioned above, but I am not the solution that I have described above. I am working on it and I am seeing positive results. Remembering Allah, realizing our fate, comparing it with the weak and looking after the needs of others rather than our wants, will take you out of this glamorous and artificial bubble. You have to pin this bubble yourself. Only then you will realize there are billions of things in this world you don’t need.