The Word ‘Idiot’ has a Face

If the word ‘idiot’ had a face, it would have been… wait!

It’s caretaker setup in Punjab but it’s a caretaking setup for PMLN.

The top bureaucracy of the province is PMLN affiliated as evident from the last night’s shuffle. That’s a shame. Not that but ‘affiliated bureaucracy’ is a shame. The primary characteristic of bureaucracy was supposed to be impartial. But that’s a characteristic.

A word based on character. Can’t be affiliated to our bureaucracy. Because affiliation is a must for rent seeking and profits.

Anyway. Punjab is under PMLN. Bureaucratically and administratively. Comprehensively.

If there was one lesson from Jinnah, it was parliamentary politics. Politics of pen and paper. Not agitation and quitting and non-cooperation.

Even when AIML had a decisive defeat in General Elections of India in 1937, Jinnah didn’t quit. He didn’t opt for street politics and useless agitation against Congress. When Congress resigned in 1939 – a blunder – there was nothing left but a fall for the quitters. AIML and Jinnah emerged as victorious in General Elections of India in 1945.

Even before that when Gandhi and Congress decided to support Muslims during Khilafat Movement (1919-24), Jinnah objected to ‘Non-Cooperation’. He wanted electoral and parliamentary politics instead of street agitation. The abrupt ending of that movement proved Jinnah was right.

Quoting Jinnah is easy. Having his badge on the collar is easier. But to learn something from his life practically is somehow a no for all the loudmouths.

So, here we are. Among a huge herd of idiots and duffers.

Quitting National Assembly was a dumb move. Quitting Punjab was a dumber move. Quitting KP was dumbest. All from the one idiot who has a pretty huge dumb following. With no strings of rationality attached.

If the word ‘idiot’ had a face, it would have been Imran Khan.

P.S. It is naïve of you if you are seeing a political cartel – like this current PDM – for the first time.

A few years back, PTI made a similar cartel / alliance to rule. It had PMLQ, MQM, BAP, AML, GDA, and various independents to form a government. They had Judiciary, Intelligence, and Military Establishment on their side as well.

You used to have goosebumps when a notorious businessman used to fly his plane to buy independents for Khan. Now you are in shock. Conveniently.

Today is a repetition of the past. Just because you don’t like the clown in charge now doesn’t mean that it’s the first ever circus in town.

All the moves IK had back then – when he used to win – were because of the military establishment on his side. Remember the Senate Elections? How the majority lost?

He wasn’t smart. He isn’t smart now. He was always an idiot. Back then his ‘nappies’ were changed. Now, he’s being ignored for another kid with nappies. Don’t pretend to be in shock. This is a repetition of a repetition.

Over and out.

Author: SakiNama

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