The New Disorder

Two wrongs don’t make a right. If I suggested that Talibans are Yazidis, it doesn’t mean that Americans / NATO were Hussainis. You made idiotic analogy on your own. I said “Afghanistan is going from worse [under America] to worst [under Taliban]”. I have written against the wrongdoings of America. From Syria to Yemen to Iraq to Afghanistan. Multiple times. Particularly on collateral damage and drone strikes. This War on Terror was an ugly idea. But the issue started when we wanted to become a part of it. In the 1980s, we became part of the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. We provided our services [which I referred to as ‘pimping’] to America and Saudia. We got dollars in return for providing training camps, human resources, Dollar-funded-Jihadists, routes to Afghanistan, and our intelligence. Then came 9/11. We again provided our services – yes, pimping – to our usual masters. We again provided air bases, routes, human resource, and intel. The only difference was everything. Then we were killing those that we made. We became anti-Jihadists. We were pro-collateral-damage. We abducted people. Sold them for bounties [exact words from Musharraf’s book]. And made billions. According to WikiLeaks, General Kayani made a deal in America and he urged them to enhance the drone attacks. We lost billions on one side but we made billions as well. The public lost billions, but a specific elite class made billions. Papa Johns’ laid its foundation exactly at those times when the whole country was bleeding. Do you know who gave a bad name to “Jihad”? Pakistan’. Pakistan had turned the word “Jihad” into “terrorism”. With the short-sighted-policies for dollars, Pakistan has hurt the image of Islam in the worst possible way globally. Now coming to Talibans. Yes, they are Yazidis. Anyone who is Zalim is Yazid. Anyone who enforces and kills innocent people is Yazid. And anyone who supports Yazidis is a Zalim. What is an Islamic State? Now this “Islamic State” in itself is a terrorizing combination of words since the rise of IS or ISIS. What have we made of this religion? But let’s dig out how Prophet Muhammad PBUH designed His state of Medina: • Prophet Muhammad PBUH reached Medina after hijrat in 622 AD. He gradually started working on His community. With verses coming from Allah, He laid the foundation of an Islamic society. Read “Islamic Society”; not a state. • It is also to note here that God’s way is the evolutionary way. Not the revolutionary one. God sent hundreds and thousands of prophets. Various books. And in the end, when he finalized the Prophet-hood on Muhammad PBUH, He finalized it gradually. o 40 years before He was told that He is the last Prophet. o 23 years for Quran. o Evolutionary. Not revolutionary. • Gradually, Medina became a Muslim majority state. But it didn’t become a theocratic state. Jews, Christians, and idol worshippers remained in Medina and they had complete freedom to follow their religious teachings. • Non-Muslims were treated and trialed according to their own religion. • The State of Medina remained completely secular and no religion was declared as the religion of state. Medina didn’t become “Islamic State of Medina”. • Educated non-Muslims – who were caught in war – were asked to teach Muslim students. • Women were doing business. The wife of the Prophet, Khadija RA did business even before formation of State of Medina under the Prophet PBUH. • ‘Constitution of Medina’ was implemented to maintain peace and harmony in the region. • The constitution maintained and ensured religious freedom for all. The constitution also maintained that stakeholders from all backgrounds – Muslims and non-Muslims – will participate during formulation of foreign policy. • And there was no ‘Blasphemy’ against non-Muslims or Muslims. The Prophet PBUH had a very clear idea of the state. There were no ifs and buts. There were no grey areas. People were free. Wars were defensive. Mecca was taken-over without a single drop of blood spilled. Amnesty for all was granted in every possible scenario. But then, the Ummah gradually changed the religion. Altogether. Blasphemy became a common tool against the weak. Clear concepts became confusing. And then those subjects, which religion didn’t touch, were taken up by the Ummah. Topics like modern equipment, music, singing, business, etc. Quran is completely silent on the topic of music. You may have your own strict views on music but objectively speaking, Allah didn’t call it haram. Allah didn’t talk about it in Quran. He, perhaps, left it on you. But Ummah called things haram. All the practices which kept the Molvi in-charge of the faithful, were enforced. Taraveeh is enforced even with the idea that fasting is dependent on it, though religion never insisted on it. But Taraveeh keeps a Molvi’s position intact. Same goes for Zakat, fitrana and everything. These Molvis do not talk about education, human rights, women rights, rape, child abuse, government, corruption of the elite, etc. It’s going to drag if we start going topic-by-topic. Anyway. With centuries, and with some staunch religious scholars, the religion became orthodox. It became powerful, as well as enforcing. Powerful rulers used it to conquer lands. Powerful soldiers used it to take bounties in the form of wealth and women. Powerful scholars used it to make shrines around them. Powerful landlords used it to keep their weak laborers in line. Hence, it became a tool. And then came Pakistan. One of the only countries in the world which was formed on religion. Perhaps this idea is also enforced as its founder was a modernist and all against the idea of a theocratic state. But the state was soon taken-over. Jinnah died in an ambulance. Civil rulers were gradually taken in control. And the state became militarized within the span of a decade. It is a military state since then. A security state. Always in danger. Sometimes it is in danger due to external threats. Sometimes internal. Sometimes, it is safe but the religion is in danger. But the truth is, the custodians of the state are in danger because of their never ending greed. These war-mongering-custodians made proxy outfits within and without. One of them were Talibans. And here comes the topic. You can confuse it with “Good Taliban” and “Bad Taliban”. You can confuse yourself and you can confuse people around you. But actually, there is no confusion. These men who mock religion with their violence against men, women and children are not followers of the Prophet Muhammad PBHU. Prophet Muhammad PBUH never did that. Because of terror of these Talibans, common people are running for their lives, riding planes madly, and falling. Squads of Talibans are making people leave their homes in terror and fear. Prophet Muhammad PBUH never did that. The beasts threaten men without beards and women without burqa. They enforce religion. They enforce themselves on weak people. Prophet Muhammad PBUH never did that. These Talibans use blasphemy as a tool to kill people to make a terrorizing environment. Prophet Muhammad PBUH never did that. These people kill those who sing and dance. Prophet Muhammad PBUH never did that. Prophet Muhammad PBUH never did that. Prophet Muhammad PBUH never did that. Prophet Muhammad PBUH never did that. When Prophet Muhammad PBUH entered Mecca, people were made fearful that a huge army is coming to takeover and kill everyone. Yet, entered a Man with the weapon of sympathy. Weapons were dropped. Amnesty was raised. Truce and a pact were made. All were forgiven. Even those, who hurt Prophet Muhammad PBUH and His family fatally. Every single one was forgiven and granted peace. Yet, you, unknown of your religion and your Prophet PBUH, are happily welcoming transgressors who behave like followers of the Prophet PBUH, but actually they are the enemies. You, blind followers of a security state, are brainwashed to the core. You cannot even differentiate between right and wrong. Yet you are stupid enough to make “good ones” and “bad ones” out of a crowd of beasts. By the way, playing Hamid Gul won’t make you victorious. Hamid Gul’s own hands were bloody with his games of decades where hundreds and thousands of people died. But those – you – were sleeping when choppers entered into the heart of the military city of Abottabad. The two choppers came, did an operation, bombarded a home, and took Bin Laden with them. The great intelligence and military didn’t even know about the operation until the choppers were out of the country. Or may be they knew. But knowing is more embarrassing and cowardly. Isn’t it? You may think you win with your snakes but you didn’t. You were taken by balls various times and you couldn’t even retaliate or get a sorry. But you kept on playing with weak people inside and outside the Durand Line. Ending this with ‘Manaqib al-Imam Ahmad’ by Ibn al-Jawzi; p.397: When Imaam Ahmad bin Hambal was imprisoned, one of the prison guards came to him and asked him: “O Abu ‘Abdillah! The hadith that is narrated regarding the oppressors and those that aid them – is it authentic?” He said: “Yes.” The prison guard then said: “So, am I considered to be an aide of the oppressors?” Imam Ahmad replied: “No. The aides of the oppressors are those that comb their hair, and wash their clothes, and prepare their meals, and buy and sell for them. As for you, you are one of the oppressors themselves.” Mind your thoughts and words carefully. If you cannot call an oppressor an oppressor, it is better to keep quiet and know it in your heart at least. But if your heart isn’t pumping the right flow of blood to your brain, then keep on chanting the narrative that the state has commissioned in your brain. You are done, already. There are no ifs and buts. There is no grey area. It is crystal clear. At least for me.

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