You will be the King, Simba!

By the time they’ll reach Islamabad to demand elections, the time for elections would already be there. What will they demand then? Delayed elections?

And if they are still moving for F, then F would be very much eFFing angry because November is half way done. It’s surrender more than November.

What if they are marching for the sake of marching? What else to do? There’s nothing much.

Meanwhile, the brothers Grimm embraced each other in London. Kisses on the cheeks. Typical. Italian’s kinda stuff. For what? For chief? That’s cheap. Apparently, they also have nothing else to do except to decide about the next boy.

With November falling, ideas are falling too. B is on his way to his unnatural exit. The extension – approved by all the puppets together who never were together ever for anything except this extension – proved to be nothing but an embarrassment. For all.

The other B – who never became a chief and never went into extension – proved to be better off. He made pizzas and established a billion dollar empire without even providing any receipts. Clever. Not that clever but clever enough.

Anyway, it’s boring. There’s no more drama at the moment but there’s this suspense about the new boy. Who will be the king? Every Mufasa has a Simba who is destined to become the king of the jungle. We have 6 Simbas. But here lies another problem. This is jungle – yes it is – but there are no lions to rule. Some cunning jackals and that’s all.

You can wait till the end of the month. Mute your screens. Nothing credible or informative there. Just bickering of the same bickerings in a loop. Wait.

Wait for the boy to be selected so he may select the government and the vicious circle of selection may play on repeat forever and ever.

Author: SakiNama

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