Vote for honest parliamentarians!

I am a PML-TI supporter, a party which actually doesn’t exist, but I have a philosophy behind this. I want all the great minds of different political parties in the next parliament of Pakistan, great minds like Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif, Saad Rafique, Jamshed Dasti, Javed Hashmi, Asad Umar, and many more. But unfortunately, all these guys are fighting against each other. These handfuls of honest people are truly the asset of Pakistan in the current scrap of political parties. If any single party clean sweeps the elections (either PTI or PML-N), then I believe it would be a disaster for Pakistan.

The stage at which Pakistan is today (well it has always been at crucial stage); we cannot afford to have a government comprised of all new, inexperienced and potentially corrupt people. We need loyal and honest representatives in our parliament which can take following bold steps:

• Passing a comprehensive resolution against drone strikes
• Peace resolution with practical steps in Baluchistan and KPK
• Long term strategic relationship with Afghanistan
• End of violence in Karachi through any action (army/non-army)
• Draft Blasphemy Law with consensus
• Rapid movement towards energy generation through non-petroleum means
• Limiting both the dangerous ends of being liberal and extremist
• Focus on free education for all
• Justice for all
• Limiting media channels and banning anti-Pakistan speakers
• Movement towards resolution of Kashmir issue
• Solving water crisis

If there is Hanif Abbasi vs. Imran Khan in your area, vote for Imran Khan. If it is Saad Rafique vs. Hamid Khan, vote for Saad Rafique. Do not support a party which is a mixture of corrupt and honest people, but support honest men only. Honest parliamentarians are way better than a mixture of honest and corrupt parliamentarians.

In my area, it was expected initially that Hamayun Akhtar Khan will contest from PML-N, in which case I was determined to vote against him as he supported military dictatorship. He was highly ineffective in doing any progressive effort during his time in Musharraf’s era. Later on came the name of Saad Rafique, who is not only loved within his own party but also by his opponents. Imran Khan has praised him in his book “Pakistan: A Personal Hisotry” with good words for his political character and anti-dictatorial stance against Pervez Musharraf.

Let’s all vow that we will vote for honest guys only. In the end, we have to answer about our votes in afterlife, so why not being reasonable about it as well. Let’s go for a win-win situation and be satisfied with our voting. We, the people, cannot make a good political party; but together can shape a good parliament.

In the end, prays are for Pakistan that may Allah guide us on the right track of prosperity, development, peace, and growth.


2 thoughts on “Vote for honest parliamentarians!”

  1. Great Article….. liked it…… we are not on the verge of the need of a revolutionary new faces which comes and demolish everything and present us a new Pakistan… we have Pakistan just need a bit renovation and on target goals to achieve which we need good minds and souls within the current politicians and the upcoming so called youth power……..
    Well Hope for the best……………

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