TTP. Again!

Total TTP strength is roughly 5k. They have killed tens of thousands since 2007. 79,999? Who knows? They caused damages in billions.

Yet, they live. And are loved sometimes. A lot of times.

Because we love blood. On hands. In streets. Mud on face. Such disgrace. Kicking our arse all over the place.

We are in a complicated relationship status.
Trying to mend ways.
In talks. In negotiations.
Missing Ehsan Ullah Ehsan?

Here goes the nukes. In your arse. Orgasmic? Nationalism is orgasmic. It gives you nothing – except a release – and takes everything from you.

With a standing army of roughly 650k, it’s the 5k that are dictating the narrative. Without taking a budget. Or pensions. They just set their price with blood. APS massacre is their top achievement. Disgrace!

The whole system is farce. An illusion. Everyone is for leverage. Look!

When PTI was in power, Maryam Nawaz used to go and cry with families of missing people. She promised promises.

Now PMLN is in power, Shireen Mazari is actively running her ex-ministry of human rights. She is talking about missing people and military atrocities.

Liars. Hypocrites. Arseholes.

Even when they speak, they speak for themselves. They speak to get a higher rating. In front of GHQ. To be selected again.

Meanwhile, you sit with all of them. You cry on their shoulders. You become emotional.

Just when you should aim for their collars, you rest on their shoulders. Your fault!

I ain’t for violence. Never been. But I would opt to be Maximilien Robespierre any day, even when I know that Napoleon will rule within 10 years and the state will become fascist yet again. That’s not the point.

Or, let’s say, better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven. Because it’s not your heaven. Never been.

Until then, 5k will dictate 650k. The largest province will suffer with violence of 650k. 650k will always surrender to foreign powers and will oppress the internal 220 million. With or without puppets.

Author: SakiNama

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