Toba Tek Singh

Toba Tek Singh incident proves that we are as fucked up as those brother and father are. I don’t want to mention the details, and I don’t want to mention why they murdered that lady. Sometimes, you can’t even type the fucked-up scenario this country puts you in.

So, I wrote what I wrote yesterday without deviating to Toba Tek Singh.

But one should remember the men of this country. This country has bearded men sodomizing kids in the holiest places. I have seen a clip where a maulvi has Quran in hand, reciting with his tongue, and doing an inappropriate act on an underage girl all the while. There are such clips in numbers. And blasphemy never happens in such cases. Peti-bhai. Business. Never mind.

This is also the country that hates women in public spaces. You disagree with Aurat March or Feminism. It’s ok. Fine. But let them voice themselves. Let them speak. It’s been centuries since they have been in forced silence. Let them speak even if it hurts because they were hurt even by the voices like Aristotle and Nietzsche.

This country has yet to accept that gender X exists. They know how to make fun with this gender and how to take them to bed, but as soon as someone will ask for basic rights, men will snatch him/her of his/her life and would dissect the body of the living being as serving themselves with a raw steak.

Such are the times I love writing what I wrote yesterday. If I must choose one, I will choose none. With religion in Constitution and religion in PPC and no religion in mosques and madrassahs, its suffocating to live in this land if you are not from the fucked-up majority.

To whom can you complain? Even the military and intelligence of this country run their business of power and fear by making hidden videos of women of families of interest. They know who is taking a shower and who is sleeping with who. Meanwhile, someone enters through the border and bombs a market anywhere is none of their business.

This is a fucked-up country. From top to bottom.

The revolution in this country will start when the whole society will rip off its clothes itself and will march naked to the city with the citadel. After placing the constitution and the PPC inside, they will burn the bastards and their booklets to make a new beginning. Till then, you can imagine this.

Author: SakiNama

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